Information for Authors

For tracks that will be published on the LNCS proceedings

Each author will be expected to sign the LNCS copyright form sent to them or select Open Access option (570 Euro / paper of 15 pages) which goes with the CC-BY4.0 license (see for the details).

The authors may self-archive and make available an author-created version of his/her own contribution on his/her own Website and on his/her employer’s Website, including his/her final version (as submitted to the conference or workshop after the reviewing process). The author may archive and make available the same on non-commercial archival repositories like ArXiv/CoRR, HAL, etc. The author may state explicitly that, content-wise, such a version is the final one; however, he/she may not use the publisher’s version of the paper as published in the printed and electronic proceedings. The author’s archiving and self-archiving rights start immediately upon completion of the work.

The author of an individual contribution retains the right to use his/her contribution for his/her further scientific career by including the final published paper in his/her dissertation or doctoral thesis, provided acknowledgement is given to the original source of publication. The authors also retain the right to use, without having to ask, parts of the contribution (e.g. figures, tables, paragraphs, etc.) for inclusion in future work, and to publish a substantially revised version (at least 30% new content) presenting new content elsewhere, provided that the original contribution is cited properly.

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