Semantic Technologies: a Chat with Industry


Peter Haase (Metaphacts) 

Peter is CEO of metaphacts, which he founded in October 2014. He has 25 years of IT experience, with almost 20 years in semantic technologies, in academia as well as in industry. In 2006, Peter obtained his PhD from the University of Karlsruhe (now KIT) under the supervision of Prof. Rudi Studer. Peter has acquired and managed numerous large research projects and also led the development of commercial products and solutions in the area of semantic technologies.

Cory Henson (Bosch Research)

Cory is a research scientist at Bosch Research and Technology Center with a focus on applying knowledge representation and semantic technology to enable autonomous driving. He also holds an Adjunct Faculty position at Wright State University. Prior to joining Bosch, Cory earned a PhD in Computer Science from WSU, where he worked at the Kno.e.sis Center applying semantic technologies to represent and manage sensor data on the Web.

Vanessa Lopez (IBM Research)

Vanessa Lopez is a researcher scientist at IBM Research Ireland since 2012, where she investigates AI solutions for integrated care. Her research applied knowledge graphs to support care professionals taking informed patient-centric decisions and to detect healthcare fraud, and received the 2017 US-Ireland Research Innovation Award. Prior to that she was a researcher at KMi (Open University) since 2003, where she built QA prototypes for the Semantic Web. She has participated actively in EU projects, PC committees and chairing, and co-authored more than 50 publications in high impact conference and journals, with over 3000 citations.

Juan Sequeda (

Juan Sequeda is the Principal Scientist at He joined through the acquisition of Capsenta, a company he founded as a spin-off from his research. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin. Wearing his scientific hat, Juan’s goal is to reliably create knowledge from inscrutable data. His research interests are on the intersection of Logic and Data for (ontology-based) data integration and semantic/graph data management. Wearing his business hat, Juan is a product manager, does business development and strategy, technical sales and works with customers to understand their problems to translated back to R&D. Juan has served as a bridge between academia and industry as the current chair of the Property Graph Schema Working Group, member of the Graph Query Languages task force of the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) and standards editor at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).